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Issues in La Habra:

1. Local Control: Keep Special-interests OUT of La Habra.  I oppose State mandates allowing rampant over-development and disregard for our community standards. Previous City Council candidates supported by Tim Shaw have sought to sell-out our city to big developers.  We need to follow the law, but also fight to preserve the unique character and culture of our Caring Community. 

2. Less Traffic:  La Habra knows we’ve got traffic, especially in the afternoon.  I’m working with our traffic engineers to make it better.  Big roads are State-controlled, but the entire Council is making policy to mitigate traffic problems everywhere possible.

3. Maintain and Improve Public Safety: As a retired 30-year LA County Deputy Sheriff, I support our La Habra Police Department 100%, and despite the huge increase in costs for our LA County Fire Department contract, I insist on the best possible fire-fighting services for La Habra in the future.

4. Protect Open Space:.  We are a city of seven square-miles.  I am committed to defending our open-space and parks.  And, we will expand our parkland wherever possible. 

5. Attract and Retain Local Business:  I am devoted to supporting our business community.  This City Council begins with ribbon-cuttings, and never stops promoting and supporting every enterprise in our community.  If you’re a business-owner in La Habra, contact me personally for assistance with your success.  (310-738-1716).  We are cutting red-tape and making City Hall work for you.

6. Address Affordable Housing by enforcing our new “Inclusionary Housing Ordinance” requiring affordable housing units in all new developments over 10 units.

7. Address Homelessness: The current census of the unhoused in La Habra now stands at about 45 individuals.  The City of La Habra provides resources at the Navigation Centers located in Buena Park and Placentia.  La Habra recently joined 12 other cities in establishing these facilities, which have become a model for the rest of California. With the issue of homelessness, we are leading. 

Committee to Elect Daren Nigsarian
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