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Issues in La Habra:

1. Local Control: Keep Special-interests OUT of La Habra.  I oppose State mandates allowing rampant over-development . 

2. Less Traffic: Vehicular congestion is a serious problem— I’m working to fix it.

3. Maintain and Improve Public Safety;  I support the La Habra Police Department and the LA County Fire Department, and will continue to work hard to ensure our first-responders have every resource.  As a 30-year LA County Deputy Sheriff (ret.), I understand the importance of this critical government responsibility. 

4. Prioritize the protection of open space in La Habra.  See "News" for a breaking story.

5. Attract and Retain Quality Business in La Habra: I’ll continue to cut red-tape and make it easier to open and operate good retail and restaurants in our community.

6. Address affordable housing by enforcing our new “Inclusionary Housing Ordinance” requiring affordable housing units in all new developments over 10 units.

7. Address Homelessness;  I’m working now to reduce and ultimately end the plight of those without fixed-abode in La Habra. The issues associated with addiction and mental illness now have a new resource in the Navigation Centers, located in Buena Park and Placentia.  La Habra recently joined 12 other cities in establishing these facilities, which have become a model for the rest of California. With the issue of homelessness, we are leading. 

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