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Daren won the November 8th Election by a commanding and decisive margin.  He has since been appointed the Mayor Pro-Tem of La Habra.  He is enormously grateful to his supporters, and he is dedicated to the welfare of all La Habrans in the future.  The archive of news below reflects the hard work of this successful campaign.  With great appreciation and renewed commitment, Daren thanks the voters of our Caring Community.



On September 21st, Daren was endorsed by the Orange County Employees’s Association.  He is very proud to have this support.

On September 7th, Daren was endorsed by the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, AND the Orange County Coalition of Police and Sheriffs.

On September 3rd, Daren was endorsed by Congresswoman Linda Sanchez.  This will be a valuable partnership, as Congresswoman Sanchez will be La Habra’s US Representative beginning next year.

On August 23rd, Daren was endorsed by the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS).  This association represents over 8,000 sworn law-enforcement officers.  Another important vote of confidence in Daren’s oversight of public safety in La Habra.

On August 1st— Daren was unanimously endorsed by the La Habra Police Association. This major public-safety endorsement, combined with LA Co. Fire 1014, demonstrates that Daren is the overwhelmingly-supported candidate for public safety in La Habra.

On July 25th, Daren was endorsed by the Los Angeles County Fire Department Local 1014.  Daren is proud and honored by this important endorsement.

Earlier news:  SAVE LA HABRA is the civic organization responsible for the preservation of La Habra's open space (through Measure "X"), and is dedicated to preserving the quality of life for all who live and work in La Habra. On May 24th, SAVE LA HABRA announced their formal endorsement of Councilmember Daren Nigsarian for La Habra City Council in November.  In response, Daren has pledged to work with SAVE LA HABRA and all stakeholders to fight for local control over all redevelopment proposals and to safeguard the primacy of open space in La Habra as a precious resource.

Below is the full text of the SAVE LA HABRA endorsement and press release: 



LA HABRA, CA, May 23, 2022 — has some important news to share about the upcoming November election. We plan to endorse certain La Habra City Council candidates who we believe are committed to protecting our remaining Open Spaces. This includes defending and upholding the protections for Open Spaces contained in the Measure X initiative that the voters overwhelmingly approved last year. We are pleased to announce our first Save La Habra endorsement: Councilmember Daren Nigsarian.

We first got to know Daren in 2020 when he was Planning Commission chairman, and later through conversations with him after he was appointed to the La Habra City Council. We believe Councilmember Nigsarian understands the importance of Open Spaces in La Habra.

“Protecting the few remaining Open Spaces in La Habra is vital to our community. Citizens demonstrated this so clearly, with their 75% approval of Measure X last year,” said Nigsarian. “I truly believe that responsible development can be accomplished while fully supporting and defending these protections of Open Spaces.”

"Councilmember Nigsarian is a public official we can trust,” said James Lees, co-founder of Save La Habra. “He is a critical thinker, who will find creative solutions to the issues that face our City, while preserving our few remaining Open Spaces. Daren is the first of the proven candidates we plan to endorse. We hope you will join us in supporting his campaign!” is a grassroots coalition of long-time La Habra residents who want to save our Open Spaces and protect our community from out-of-control development — and all the traffic nightmares, parking shortages, overcrowding and environmental harm such developments can bring. We are La Habra homeowners just like you. We want to protect all remaining open spaces for ourselves and our children. Remember, once our Open Spaces are gone, they’re gone forever!

For more information, visit or ###

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Councilmember Daren Nigsarian has been a dedicated public servant in our community.  He has served in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the La Habra Planning Commission, the La Habra City School District Personnel Commission, and the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of La Habra (including a term as President).

Daren and his wife Carol (who serves on the City’s Beautifiction  Committee) have two sons and two grandchildren, and have been residents of La Habra for over 30 years.

For more information, visit


Also today, (5/24/22) US Congressman Lou Correa (46th District) announced his full support and endorsement of Daren.

Today, (5/30/22), we announce that Josie Anderson, wife of former Mayor Steve Anderson, has endorsed Daren.  Steve Anderson was legendary in La Habra, contributing greatly to the community and was a champion of “grass-roots” activism that transformed La Habra.  We have a road and pumping station named in his honor. Daren is humbled to now occupy his City Council seat.  Thank you, Josie.

Committee to Elect Daren Nigsarian
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